Collection 2020

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All the fashion creation in the collection was exclusively for the brand Mes Demoiselles… Paris in the Parisian studio of designer Styliste Anita Radovanovic in Paris

Nourished by her past history with her seamstress grandmother who worked meticulously on exclusive creations for crowned heads from around the world whom she dressed for special occasions, Anita kept the love of personalized creations, embroideries and seams handmade and noble materials such as silk, cotton or beautiful lace.

From her travels, Anita brings back the folklores from which she will be inspired and which she will reinterpret in her creations from these women's boutiques in Paris and around the world. From India, Morocco, Andean countries, Eastern Europe or Africa, Anita absorbs the culture, architecture, music, and dance, but also artisanal and ancestral dyeing techniques or clothing traditional. It also feeds on light, landscapes, colors specific to each of these cultures to always offer quality fashion and imbued with authenticity.

The creation of the Mes Demoiselles Paris collection created by Anita Radovanovic is projected beyond clothing, conveying essential values ​​and openness to the world.

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